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Of life, love and curiosity. Haunted manors, forests and ruins. Alchemy of mind and spirit. Water, the beauty of nature and interesting, calm places. Death, old books and watches. And some desserts and fashion too.


Sergei Polunin for Vogue Russia.

Vogue Russia: ‘Heir to the Throne’ Editorial Credits: Danil Golovkin - Photographer Svetlana Tanakina - Fashion Editor/Stylist Konstantin Kochegov - Hair Stylist Alexey Molchanov - Makeup Artist Sergei Polunin - Dancer

(via harkerling)


Okay but seriously like 999 is one of those things basically every tumblr user would love. Like

Do you love excruciating puns? 999

Do you like strong female characters? 999

Do you like tightly written plots? 999

Do you like puzzles? 999

Do you like science? 999

Do you like your heart wrenched out? 999

Do you accept the funyarinpa as your lord and savior? Of course you do. Play 999

Also, do you like stealthy esoteric allusions? 999